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"Everyone was very nice. I was so surprised and grateful to receive same day service. The two men who washed my windows were professional, timely and did a wonderful job ! I would recommend your company, Thanks !"
Cindy Kathe, St Charles, IL

"Professional appearance, uniforms, clear communication is key"
Maid Service, Orland Park, IL


Health considerations while choosing cleaning service

I had some reservations when looking for commercial cleaning services in Elk Grove village. Nothing against commercial cleaning, mind you. There are things that you can do by yourself and those that you hire someone to have them done. I’m pretty sure that office cleaning goes with the second category, but… I knew, providers of janitorial services has to be effective but was sure they achieve that by using harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to the health of mine and my employees. Especially that I was aware of the allergies that one of them suffered from. Fat lot I knew.

How to have a cake and eat it – ecofriendly and effective cleaning

Of course there are companies that do exactly that (use potentially harmful chemicals) but APLUS Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning doesn’t belong to that lot. They use products that are biodegradable and free of toxins. Good news both to my team and environment . And I was really surprised that being eco-friendly doesn’t equal to being ineffective. Everything almost gleams, windows are clear, carpets – dust and germs free. We’ve been cooperating with APLUS Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning for some time now and they are very helpful and accommodating to our needs. On top of that having the regular people do the cleaning makes everything runs smoothly.