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"Everyone was very nice. I was so surprised and grateful to receive same day service. The two men who washed my windows were professional, timely and did a wonderful job ! I would recommend your company, Thanks !"
Cindy Kathe, St Charles, IL

"Professional appearance, uniforms, clear communication is key"
Maid Service, Orland Park, IL


Naperville window cleaning tips

In Naperville, IL the winter usually lasts from the beginning of December till the middle of March. The best time of the year to clean the windows is either the beginning of the spring or late fall. In spring the weather in Naperville is very tricky, so make sure that you chose cloudy day for your job. You do not want to clean windows in the rain, but sunny day is not good either for cleaning windows. In sunny weather the cleaning solution dries up much more quickly and you will finish up with streaky windows.

Window cleaning solution:

As a professional window washer I will tell you a secret of many window washers: the best window cleaning solution is very easy and you can buy all the ingredients in many local stores in Naperville. For best window cleaning job you need: calm water, dishwasher - joy (citron gives off nice, fresh scent) and vinegar (optional - DO NOT use vinegar if you have tinted windows).

How to mix cleaning solution:
  • pour one gallon of water to a bucket
  • add one tablespoon (or 10 drops) of citron joy
  • add two tablespoons of vinegar (optional)

Window cleaning tools:

I and most professional window cleaners use very sophisticated window cleaning tools and belts - but we clean hundreds of windows every day. There are many expensive professional window cleaning tools on the Internet but for basic job you need basic tools. You can buy them in your local Home Depot store in Naperville. Unfortunately for the windows that cannot be reached from inside (some windows do not open) you will need extension ladder. The other tools you will need:

  • squeegee (I recommend 14-inch basic squeegee - make sure the blade that holds rubber is metal)
  • window cleaning brush (14-inch should do the job)
  • cotton, lint free cloth.

Window cleaning technique, I will describe the basic, most simple window cleaning technique:
  • dip your window cleaning brush in cleaning solution,
  • dry it with your hand - so the brush is moist (not wet)
  • brush the window with cleaning solution (at least three vertical and horizontal strokes)
  • wipe the upper edge of the window with cotton cloth (about 1 inch)
  • wipe out the solution with your squeegee (start in top let corner using vertical strokes - after every stroke wipe the rubber in your squeegee with cotton cloth),
  • dry the edges of the window with cotton cloth.
  • When you finish this procedure following my instructions your windows should be sparkling clean!

Peter Zielinski
Pioneer Window Washing