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"Everyone was very nice. I was so surprised and grateful to receive same day service. The two men who washed my windows were professional, timely and did a wonderful job ! I would recommend your company, Thanks !"
Cindy Kathe, St Charles, IL

"Professional appearance, uniforms, clear communication is key"
Maid Service, Orland Park, IL


Dry cleaners adapting to changes

  • Revolution in laundry service is approaching!

  • All businesses are changing nowadays. Every owner has to adapt his company to rapidly changing reality, in terms of accessibility of the services. This process didn’t spare Barrington dry cleaners, so we see innovations in laundry service emerging in the area. One of this innovations is what you may call „door to door laundry service”, or maybe it’s just how I like to call it. Either way, one thing I’m sure of is that we can see the idea of picking up dirty laundry directly from the client and delivering it back when it’s clean, coming to life. I think that this type of service sure can soon become popular in suburban areas, where not everyone has access to dry cleaners. I know some companies which are currently working in this field, and I think I already know which one is the best when we talk about, for example, dry cleaners Barrington.

  • The availability of dry cleaners Lake Barrrington, IL

  • If you are new to the topic I am talking about, you probably haven’t heard about Aloha dry cleaners. They are operating in Lake Barrington area for some time now, and I happened to use their services a lot of times. Why? For me, they represent everything what a good laundry service should be. From their beginning they had an idea for their business, and that was easily accessible and quick dry cleaning service. They have all the prices listed on their website, so there will be no surprises in this matter. They contact you before your first delivery, so you can know how they do it and what you should do to make the whole process faster. I think that they make whole laundry service Barrington a lot better.