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"Everyone was very nice. I was so surprised and grateful to receive same day service. The two men who washed my windows were professional, timely and did a wonderful job ! I would recommend your company, Thanks !"
Cindy Kathe, St Charles, IL

"Professional appearance, uniforms, clear communication is key"
Maid Service, Orland Park, IL


The most professional janitorial services from Chicago

I own a big gym and keeping it clean and fresh is the most important thing to me. I know that when everything will be in a good shape, I will have a lot of clients. I want everything what is the best for my customers so I decided that I need to find the best janitorial services in my area. Finding it wasn’t easy but finally I found the perfect company for me – Power Maintenance Services. Thanks to this company, now, I have the most professional gym janitor in Chicago. Honestly, I can’t say a bad word about Power Maintenance company. They are simply the best. They provided me with the best cleaning solutions on the market. I’m no longer worry that my gym will be dirty because I know, that the company that I hired, will keep everything clean.


Power Maintenance Services – your best option on the market

This company is truly my number one company. I know that I can always count on them. Power Maintenance Services helped me keep my gym in a perfect shape. Their well trained and qualified employees are really amazing at their work. They are using only the highest cleaning techniques and top quality products so, I have sure that their work will be done very well. This company didn’t let me down. Their services truly met my needs and what is more, they are really affordable. They have the most attractive prices of all the companies that are working in that industry. Worth to mention is also the fact that their customer service is simply top-notch. When I called them, they gladly answered on any of my questions and even gave me free estimate. I was amazed by how individual their approach to a client was. I’m very satisfied with their services and I can highly recommend Power Maintenance Services.