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"Everyone was very nice. I was so surprised and grateful to receive same day service. The two men who washed my windows were professional, timely and did a wonderful job ! I would recommend your company, Thanks !"
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Everything you should know about office cleaning services when you want to hire one

What business size needs commercial cleaning?

Whether you have a tiny, family run business with a single office or a large company with multiple centers, you want to make appropriate impression both on your clients and on employees. That’s why keeping your offices clean and tidy is so important. If your undertaking can be described as large or even medium sized, you probably won’t have much doubt about hiring professional office cleaning crew instead of delegating the task to your own employees. All nice and well as there are companies aplenty, whom offer wide range of commercial cleaning services. Each of them provides you with flexible (to a degree) offer but not everyone will be capable of handling requirements of more complex or larger businesses. There are of course companies, like APLUS Office Cleaning Services Arlington Heights, who have a proven track record of providing excellent cleaning for business of different sizes and specifics. Ask around or check internet reviews to find the best option for you. Ok, medium and large businesses, with a chunk of their budget designated particularly for janitorial services, will definitely benefit from hiring professionals. You could say that owners of a big undertaking simply cannot be bothered with overseeing such menial tasks instead of their business demands. But how about little companies with single office and several employees? Is it worth to invest in commercial cleaning service? Or maybe is better to assign tidying up to your team? Well, I would say that do-it-yourself approach, however commendable, isn’t the best solution. First, your employees get distracted from their proper work to do some cleaning. Or worse yet, neglect all that moping and dusting to meet important deadline for their latest project. Second, the so-called savings end with purchasing detergents and equipment. And third, experts simply do this better. I’m not implying that your team is careless but way of using some cleaning agents or appliances may not be obvious to everybody. Take for example damage that can be done to stone countertops with acidic substances or to delicate surfaces with harsh scrubbing. The conclusion is simple – commercial cleaning. As I’ve already mentioned, you can discuss your particular needs and specifics of your business with the janitorial services provider. He in turn will prepare tailor made solution that meets those requirements, maybe suggesting some adjustments along the way (all in all, they are the experts). Instead of running your employees ragged or risking damage to furniture, you will have perfectly cleaned office and a peace of mind on top of that. So, investing in commercial cleaning services will pay for itself. Summing up – there isn’t such a thing as an appropriate business size for hiring office cleaning services. No matter how big or small is your undertaking, it will benefit from expert cleaners keeping premises spotless and sparkly clean. And whether you chose APLUS office cleaning services or another company, you can rely on their flexible approach with finding package that will best suit your budget and expectations.

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How often office cleaning service should clean your business space?

  1. The shortest, even if not very informative answer sounds, that depends. Depends on what, you may ask. Well, there are several factors; you have to take under consideration, while scheduling cleaning service for your business. Generally speaking, the size and character of your business are good indicators of frequency of cleaning. If your company or its bureaucratic departments have only few people then tidying up will be required less often than when you run a huge open space with several dozen of employees. The same goes for the specifics of your undertaking. Plenty of visitors coming to your premises means that you not only need to clean your offices to upheld professional image but you have to clean after those visitors tracked mud or thrown disposable cups to the bins. Ok, but it still doesn’t exactly answer the question about the exact frequency of the cleaning. To learn that, you need to start with taking a look on the type off cleaning that your particular office/s requires. That helps you to determine, which tasks should be outsourced to professionals, be it office cleaning in Oak Park or other cleaners of your choice. This knowledge, teamed with aforementioned size and character of your business, will allow you to schedule cleaning in the most effective way. There is of course different frequency required for different areas, which may spring for example from sanitary reasons. One of such places is of course a bathroom, which should be cleaned regularly, preferably on a daily basis. If you have bathroom available for your customers, then it’s not unreasonable to check it additionally during the day to replenish paper towels, soap and the like. Another area that requires everyday care is kitchen as dirty countertops and dishes not only look gross but also make perfect breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria. On the list of office areas scheduled for regular cleaning, you should put lobby or front desk as well. If many clients frequent your business, then daily cleaning is good choice. If it is not the case, then you could tidy up every two or even three days with spot cleaning in necessary (e.g., when something spills). When you look around for more places that require everyday care of an office cleaning crew, probably you wouldn’t include employees desks into the count. Paradoxically due to their constant use, they belong the dirtiest areas of your business (unless you run manufacturing plant or an assembly line), attracting grime and bacteria. We’ve already covered elements that require regular (in most cases everyday) care of cleaners. Fortunately, when it comes to floors and carpets, usually you can settle for a weekly vacuuming and moping. At least unless your office enjoys heavy traffic during autumn and winter months, resulting with customers tracking mud or snow on your premises. Then you need to schedule more frequent cleaning service. Last but not least, are windows, which typically should be cleaned twice a year. The scope of tasks may look a bit intimidating but don’t worry – experienced commercial cleaning company will help you with developing most suitable routine.
  2. When you consider frequency of office cleaning it’s worth to mention about janitorial services. Isn’t it one and the same as cleaning? Well, not exactly. Most often than not those terms are used interchangeably and there is some overlap. Janitors like for example those from Power Office Cleaning Services Chicago may perform cleaning if the regular cleaning crew hasn’t been employed. They keep your business neat and tidy as well in-between commercial cleaning service. Sound like overkill but for large companies with heavy traffic it may be a blessing, when janitor can check toilets during the day to restock supplies or wipe that accidental spill in the lobby area. Janitorial services can cover some maintenance jobs as well (like cleaning vents to air conditioner). Sometimes janitors act as day porters or work outside of office operating hours, opening and closing the building. Janitorial services, though they usually include cleaning and tidying up, aren’t something that you schedule ahead like with typical commercial cleaning. It’s rather sort of service on demand that can be performed when the need arises. It’s invaluable for busy businesses and allows keeping building clean without putting additional duties on your employees.

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What is best time to perform office cleaning?

When you hire office cleaning company, you want to arrange suitable schedule for their services. We’ve already established that some of the areas needs to be cleaned frequently and others not so. Whether cleaners will appear daily, on any other day or accordingly to some other arrangements, you still need to schedule their working hours. Most often than not, the best option is choosing hours when your business is closed. That way it won’t be bothersome neither to your clients not employees and all of the areas (toilets, kitchens, etc.) will available for use. On top of that, you avoid unintentionally putting your people and visitors at risk. What kind of danger may pose menial cleaning, you may ask incredulously. Well, for one thing you can slip on freshly mopped floors and injure yourself. Another danger comes from cleaning agents used. Many companies, like for example office cleaning services in Buffalo Grove, employ some green cleaning scheme, with use of natural, safe surfactants. Others though may still use harsh commercial products that may be dangerous for asthmatics or people with allergies. No matter the reason, it’s better to have offices cleaned outside of business operating hours. This usually means that you can schedule your office cleaning service the very first thing either in the morning or late in the evening. Each solution has its own benefit and drawbacks, partially depending on the character of your business. Early mornings are a great solution if your workers often stay until late at night. Morning cleaning allows employees to enjoy fresh and tidy working space when they come to the office. At first glimpse, it seems like perfect solutions for your cleaning schedule dilemma. Cleaners come very early to finish their work way ahead of your stuff, but… Even if you know perfectly well how much it takes, some unforeseen circumstances do happens. Broken equipment or particularly messy kitchen may mean that cleaning team want be able to complete their job at scheduled time. As result, they may continue tidying up with your employees and customers presents or leave the office without cleaning it to the required standard. Morning cleaning may not be to your liking neither if you’re worried about leaving confidential materials unattended (you have to give the keys to cleaning team so they could let themselves in). However, you have another option to schedule service, that is, evenings. There are several benefits of such approach. Mess will be tackled way before it’s start to “settle”. Most of the time it doesn’t make a huge difference whether you leave something dirty overnight or deal with it right away. But it’s definitely easier to clean dishes or muddy floors as quick as possible, instead of using more time and effort when they dry up. Planning evening commercial cleaning allows avoiding you as well aforementioned situations of office cleaned insufficiently or cleaners still working when your team arrives. What are the drawbacks of such schedules? If some of your employees work late hours or you have frequent business meetings in the evenings, then it might be better to choose mornings. Use of noisy equipment may disturbs people still working in the office, particularly if they has something that requires concentration. On the other hand cleaning may be less thorough, because guys performing the service wouldn’t want to distract those employees who stayed late. If you run very busy office with many customers visiting or for some reason don’t want to hire regular cleaning crew, you can opt for janitorial services. What does it have to do with schedule? Actually quite a lot. Hiring janitor you can enjoy sort of “cleaning on the demand”, when and where the needs arise. There is always a person present who can check several times a day if washrooms needs restocking with supplies or can clean that spilled coffee from the corridor. Janitor may perform other regular cleaning tasks as well as some maintenance jobs or porter’s duties. Scope of tasks and working hours for such a person/s depended of course on arrangements made with provider of janitorial services for your office. One way or the other, there will be someone present on your premises to keep it neat and tidy.

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